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Gaming in 2011: Get some sleep now

Posted by on 26 Jun 2011 | Tagged as: Video Games

If you play games, sleep is going to be an elusive beast in quarter four of 2011.

The massive amount of games coming out is one part exciting and two parts mortifying for me. I have fewer hours to game than I ever have had in my life.

It’s not going to stop me, mind you, but I will have to ration my time between the games. I’m sure there will be a lot of other people out there undergoing the same self-administered sleep-deprivation experiment come mid-November.

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Halo: Reach Multiplayer Madness video. Go. Now

Posted by on 03 Mar 2010 | Tagged as: Internet, Video Games

So, while researching my next fantasy baseball post at, I went searching for some background noise, namely a video game podcast.

I figured I’d also check the headlines over at — I’m sure you’ve all heard about the messy firings over at Infinity Ward — and stumbled across the headline: Multiplayer madness in Halo: Reach.

It took a second for the shock to wear off, then I clicked on the video. Then I replayed it. And replayed it again. Then I watched it in full screen. In Hi-Def. Then I watched it again in HD. And again. Continue Reading »

Hopefully Halo: Reach gets the Modern Warfare treatment

Posted by on 28 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Internet, Video Games

Take a second to look around and you’ll find a lot of Halo love on this site.

It is a fantastic series created by fantastic folks. Bungie says they’ve retooled the engine for Halo: Reach. Hopefully that includes the multiplayer, too.

I find Halo’s multiplayer to be a more refined and, from a pure gameplay standpoint, better experience than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (or Modern Warfare 2).

However, I keep going back to Modern Warfare 2 because it does many things better than Halo 3. The XP system and unlocks are the carrot dangling in front of us that is always just out of reach, until we reach xx-level XP. But that accomplishment always unlocks another, better carrot. Continue Reading »

Borderlands is an absolutely great game

Posted by on 15 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Internet, Video Games

Many of you come here looking for Halo news, and with the new Halo: Reach ViDoc release and the two Halo games that released last year, you might expect to find some Halo in this post.

Instead, let’s talk about Borderlands… and Halo. Borderlands is the first non-Halo game that has had a Halo affect on me.

After completing one playthrough with one character (there are four characters and two playthroughs for each), every day the urge to dive back in for playthrough 2 AND the beginning of an alternate character beckons.

Few games have the ability to grasp the subconscious as strongly as Borderlands does. For weeks I talked about it to friends at work and on Twitter. It is so good at what it does — pushing that little start-quest, complete-quest, get reward button in the depths of the brain. Continue Reading »

Too many PS3 games! I’ll never catch up

Posted by on 02 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: Video Games

So I finally broke down and bought a PS3.

Great purchase, not an ounce of buyer’s remorse, thanks to the Slim’s price cut. In fact, I have late-buyer’s remorse. I wish I would have bought the thing months (years?) ago.

For my own personal PS3 launch, I bought Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4.

I played the shooting gallery of MGS4 and battled halfway through Killzone’s campaign over the course of a week, then Uncharted 2 came out.

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Trashed again: I had to send my Xbox 360 to rehab

Posted by on 31 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Video Games

I’m a total Xbot.

I will be a fanboy of the Xbox 360 until the day Xbox New rises to power. Then, despite all of what I’m about to discuss, I will purchase Xbox New and 3 games on launch day.

But, that out of the way, let me tell you a little story about the piece of crap that is the Xbox 360:

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