Many of you come here looking for Halo news, and with the new Halo: Reach ViDoc release and the two Halo games that released last year, you might expect to find some Halo in this post.

Instead, let’s talk about Borderlands… and Halo. Borderlands is the first non-Halo game that has had a Halo affect on me.

After completing one playthrough with one character (there are four characters and two playthroughs for each), every day the urge to dive back in for playthrough 2 AND the beginning of an alternate character beckons.

Few games have the ability to grasp the subconscious as strongly as Borderlands does. For weeks I talked about it to friends at work and on Twitter. It is so good at what it does — pushing that little start-quest, complete-quest, get reward button in the depths of the brain. Continue Reading »